Sunday, November 10, 2013

Amazing pizza crust, gluten free

In our house, we have tried several pizza crusts that do not contain wheat as an ingredient. They were OK but were relatively tough and had an after taste. That is until we tried this recipe:

Gluten free pizza crust link

Wowee! It was really really good. It mixes up easy and tastes wonderful. Just one thing we messed up: make sure it is less than the 1/4 of an inch thin like in the directions...otherwise you have a thick thick crust, good but thick.

It mixes up really easily, and spreads nicely if you have oiled your fingers with olive oil.

 The dough cleans up the bowl easily and the dough is not to sticky.
This dough recipe makes two pizzas the size of two regular cookie sheets. The next time I make this dough, I'm going to freeze the extra precooked crust to thaw and make later.

Out of ten I give this dough recipe a ten. It is now my regular pizza dough recipe!

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